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Olive Oil

At Napa Valley Olive Oil Manufacturing, we meld a variety of local olive oils into the flavor profile we've maintained for 80 years. We use oils from green and ripe olives, and from early and late harvests, from arbequina, mission and a few other varieties. We find the complexity from a blend is way better than high-acid, single-variety oils.
Basil Olive Oil
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Basil Olive Oil from $15.00 USD
Black Truffle
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Black Truffle from $20.00 USD
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Butter from $15.00 USD
Family blend EVOO
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Family blend EVOO from $15.00 USD
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Garlic from $15.00 USD
Harissa Olive Oil
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Harissa Olive Oil from $15.00 USD
Herbes De Provence from $15.00 USD
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Lemon from $15.00 USD
Milanese Gremolata from $15.00 USD
Tuscan Herb
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Tuscan Herb from $15.00 USD
Wild Mushroom & Sage from $15.00 USD